Travellers take flight despite WestJet threats

Travellers going to and from Saskatoon's airport are taking a positive outlook despite four threats made against WestJet flights in the past five days.

Airline passengers in Saskatoon have positive outlook despite threats

Travellers arrive in Saskatoon from Toronto on a WestJet flight. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

Travellers going to and from Saskatoon's airport are taking a positive outlook despite four threats made against WestJet flights in the past five days.

Michelle Loran is a travel agent working for Vacations Away in Saskatoon. She said that so far travellers from the city haven't raised any concerns about using the airline.
Travel agent, Michelle Loran, says travellers haven't expressed any concerns about booking with WestJet. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

According to Loran, travellers think the airline is handling the situation well. She believes that people won't avoid using WestJet.

"There haven't been any incidences at the moment except for threats," said Loran. "You can leave your house and drive in your car and you're as likely to have a problem as you are being on an airplane. [It's] less likely to happen in the air."

At the airport

Like clockwork, the airport was bustling with passengers coming to and from Saskatoon Thursday.

The threats this week didn't seem to deter travellers.

Shawn Hefferan chuckled when he was asked about the threats. He had just stepped off a WestJet flight from Toronto. 
Travel books line the shelves at Vacations Away. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

"Well, it was booked and I'm not going to cancel it. You know, I find it funny I guess… I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't," said Hefferan. "I can't explain it. I just think that it's just hoaxes… [I] just don't take it serious. It's not going to stop me from travelling."

Wade Harris was travelling with his family on the same flight and kept the information he gathered from social media very hush-hush.

"I didn't tell my kids but we knew about it and just travelled as normal," said Harris.

Another passenger, Genevieve Thompson, said the only thing on her mind while stepping on the plane was getting home.

"Oh, well, I had to get home didn't I?" she said.


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