'A made-in-Saskatchewan experience': Excursion train set to roll out in June

The Wheatland Express Excursion Train will run between Cudworth and Wakaw.

Wheatland Express Excursion Train will run between Cudworth and Wakaw

The train will run out of the Cudworth, Sask., museum. (Town of Cudworth)

Theme nights, dinners and the summer prairie view — that's what the Wheatland Express Excursion Train will have in store come June 2, when it's set to open. 

The train's route goes from Cudworth to Wakaw, along the Wheatland Railway. (Submitted by Amy Lintick)
There will be several options for types of trips, but the route is consistent: The train will leave from Cudworth, Sask., travel to Wakaw, Sask., then back again, making the trip in about two hours.

"This isn't just your point A to point B, this is an experience," said Amy Lintick, operations manager for the Wheatland Excursion Train.

"People will experience things like western themes ... There will be other things, like harvest dinners and wine tastings; there will be murder mysteries."

Lintick saw a need for a tourist attraction in the area, and she was encouraged by the community's enthusiasm during times when train rides were available over Christmas and other special events. The support came from children and seniors alike.

Train shopping

The search for rail cars hasn't exactly been simple for Lintick and her team.

A good part of the train experience will be to see the beauty of the fields and the wide open skies.- Joan Wassill, director of sales and marketing for the Wheatland Express Excursion Train

"When we started looking, there was really no one stop shop for rail cars. We searched all over the place," Lintick said. 

Eventually, the team found a broker that specialized in rail cars.

The subsequent tour around the United States to try to find the cars that worked best for them was fruitful. Two rail cars are being shipped in this week: one is from New Orleans and one from Buffalo, N.Y.

Their goal was to find cars that would fit whichever theme they choose for a particular trip, so they are neither completely vintage, nor completely modern. 

Lintick said they hope to expand their fleet once the business grows. 

A 'made-in-Saskatchewan experience'

One thing the team at the Wheatland Express Excursion Train is hoping people will enjoy is the view from the tour. 

"We celebrate who we are in terms of our deep-rooted Saskatchewan cultural heritage," said Joan Wassill, director of sales and marketing for the Wheatland Express Exursion Train.

She called the tour a true "made-in-Saskatchewan experience."

"A good part of the train experience will be to see the beauty of the fields and the wide open skies."


Tickets are already available for the trips and shows.

Ticket prices vary depending on your age and the event. The Excursion Train will be putting on some events specifically for children as well, which are free. 

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning