'I was so surprised:' Member of The Wiggles wears ribbon skirt given by Sask. Cree family

A little girl from the Poundmaker Cree Nation got a big surprise this week when her favourite member of children's band The Wiggles accepted her gift and wore it on stage.

Children's entertainers also read poster welcoming them to traditional territory

Emma, left, a member of The Wiggles wore a Cree ribbon skirt given to her by Andrea Landry, right, and her three-and-a-half year old daughter RJ Tootoosis. (Andrea Landry/Facebook)

A little girl from the Poundmaker Cree Nation got a big surprise this week.
Emma, a member of children's band The Wiggles, accepted and wore on stage a traditional Cree ribbon skirt given to her by three-and-a-half year old RJ Tootoosis at the band's concert in Saskatoon on Wednesday.

The children's music star wore the skirt on stage as the band sang The Alphabet Song/Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

"I was so surprised that she kept the skirt on for the whole song," said RJ's mother, Andrea Landry.

Landry said Emma is her daughter's favourite member of the band. She's been watching the band's videos since she was a baby.

"She's always been a really big fan of them," said Landry. "It's a racially unbiased group and they really promote inclusivity and acceptance."

The family also made a poster for the band that welcomed The Wiggles "back to the traditional territory of the original peoples of these lands," which was read aloud.

"We wanted our daughter and other Indigenous children to be raised in that awareness that these are the lands of who they are and where they come from," she said.

The band regularly accepts gifts and posters from children in the crowd at their concerts. Landry said she did her best to get her daughter's poster noticed.

"I made our sign extra sparkly, because I'm like, 'OK. Well, maybe then they'll read it,' she said. "It was something different."

The family made a sign for the band the last time they were in the area. 

"It's kind of, like, an annual tradition," she said. "Until RJ outgrows The Wiggles and doesn't want to go anymore."