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CBC investigative podcast series The Pit uncovers the story of a woman's mysterious disappearance

Sheree Fertuck left her mom's farm to work at the nearby gravel pit. She was all alone in the middle of nowhere. Her semi-truck was found abandoned with her coat, keys and phone inside. Police tirelessly search the area, with no trace of Sheree. In this CBC podcast series, Victoria Dinh and Alicia Bridges investigate what led to her disappearance and the gravel pit that could still hold clues.

The Pit's story continues with two new episodes released Dec. 7, 2019

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On the last episode of The Pit's first release we heard directly from Sheree Fertuck's estranged husband and alleged killer Greg Fertuck.

Greg adamantly denies any involvement with her disappearance despite incriminating statements he made during a controversial undercover police operation.

Now investigative duo Alicia Bridges and Victoria Dinh journey to Western Canada to explore the credibility of the Mr. Big sting operation that put Greg behind bars.

You'll also hear how the absence of a body could affect the upcoming trial and how Sheree's family is grappling with the fourth anniversary of her disappearance.

Greg Fertuck appeared in court for a two-week preliminary hearing in January. The goal was to decide if he should be tried for murder.

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It's winter in Saskatchewan and Sheree Fertuck is hard at work hauling gravel in her semi-truck. She has lunch with her mom but doesn't come back for supper. The next day, her semi is found abandoned in a gravel pit. Sheree is nowhere to be seen.

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The search for Sheree Fertuck is underway. Police are digging, questioning, and looking for suspects. Suspicions about what might have happened to Sheree begin to emerge. A neighbour says he remembers hearing a loud noise.

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Sheree gets married. Soon, cracks in their relationship begin to form. Court documents reveal troubles in Sheree's private life. There's a death threat, weapons, and the police get involved.

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Police announce a major breakthrough in Sheree's case. They've put someone behind bars. A former roommate of the suspect remembers a troubling conversation about Sheree, and the family of the accused protest his innocence.

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A letter to the Saskatoon jail nets our reporters a meeting with the suspect. We hear from him for the first time.

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Police have Sheree's alleged killer behind bars, but the suspect says he was scared into a confession. Our reporters investigate the controversial police technique that led to his arrest. Meanwhile, people close to Sheree break their silence.

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A close relative thinks Sheree was dumped somewhere near the gravel pit. Police and volunteers searched the area when she disappeared, and again after the arrest. Could the searchers have overlooked her remains?
And how does that affect the police case when there's no body?

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Greg Fertuck appeared in court for a two-week preliminary hearing in January. The goal was to decide if he should be tried for murder.

This short update explains what happened.

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Take a look around this gravel pit — the last known whereabouts of Sheree Fertuck — in this 360° video experience.

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In 2015, Saskatchewan police found Sheree Fertuck's abandoned truck at a small-town gravel pit. She's never been found but police have established a theory of murder.

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CBC Saskatoon has been working to uncover the story of Sheree Fertuck.

Fertuck was last seen driving away from her family farm in a gravel truck near Kenaston, Sask., 80 kilometres south of Saskatoon, on Dec. 7, 2015.

While the truck was found near the pit, Sheree was nowhere to be found.

Police search the area tirelessly but ultimately believe 51-year-old Sheree Fertuck is dead.

Recently her estranged husband, Greg Fertuck was charged with 1st-degree murder, causing indignity to a body.


The investigative duo, Victoria Dinh and Alicia Bridges have spent the last year searching for new information about Sheree Fertuck's disappearance. They've travelled around rural Saskatchewan to interview people who might have clues about what happened to her in December 2015.

Alicia Bridges (left) and Victoria Dinh. (CBC)

Victoria Dinh

Victoria Dinh, co-host, writer and producer of "The Pit," is a journalist with CBC Saskatoon.

Victoria is known for her audio rich storytelling. She's passionate about working towards enterprise journalism and connecting with voices of those who are rarely heard from. Although she dabbles in quirky news, her interest lies in the true crime and investigative genres. Her most recent work includes covering the mysterious disappearance of Saskatchewan teen, Mekayla Bali.

Alicia Bridges

Alicia Bridges, co-host, writer and producer of "The Pit," is a journalist with CBC Saskatoon.

Alicia has international experience and is known for her long-form news features. She is a passionate storyteller with interest in investigative genres. Her most recent work with CBC includes stories about the rise of meth in Saskatchewan and bullying in small government.


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