More wild weather batters Saskatoon, Warman continues cleanup

As Warman residents continue the cleanup after a severe storm Monday night, more wild weather has blown into Saskatoon and flooded parts of the city.

Heavy rain Tuesday afternoon forces Market Mall to close due to flooding

A police car in flood water on the 1400 block of Early Drive, Saskatoon. (Submitted by Jennifer Kerr)

As Warman, Sask. residents continue the cleanup after a severe storm Monday night, more wild weather has blown into Saskatoon and flooded parts of the city.

A kayaker paddles down a street in Saskatoon after a heavy rainfall on Tuesday afternoon. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)
A soggy Saskatoon resident tries to free a van stuck in the Avalon neighbourhood after heavy rain Tuesday. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC News)

Some streets were submerged after the storm and emergency services are assisting vehicles stuck at flooded intersections.

Rain poured down on the city early Tuesday afternoon, following storms over Saskatoon Monday night. The water caused flooding at Market Mall, forcing it to close. 

Saskatoon police are asking motorists to avoid flooded intersections, mainly on the east side of the city.

The city is under a severe thunderstorm watch from Environment Canada. A low pressure system over Central Saskatchewan is expected to trigger thunderstorms over central and eastern sections of the province into the evening. Some may cause heavy rainfall and large hail, according to the alert.

Jennifer Kerr lives on Early Drive in Saskatoon, which she said she calls "Lake Early" after it rains. She is no stranger to flooding in the area, and even parks her car around the corner.

On Tuesday, she was trying to unclog the drains on the street.

"I was trying to see if there was debris blocking here. So I'm going to go up and try at the far end. This is nothing, though. It was right up to my front [door]," Kerr said of the water.

Kerr's house hasn't flooded, but the lane behind it has, and she said she has her fingers crossed.

"We're a little bit higher than some of the houses around me, but it's gone all the way up to all of the houses," she said.

The City of Saskatoon said some of the worst areas for flooding include 8th Street, Ruth Street, Preston Avenue and around Market Mall. Several cars have become stuck at the intersection of Main Street and Cumberland Avenue.

The east side of Saskatoon has seen some of the largest accumulations of water.

City crews are currently putting up signage where water is pooling, and checking areas that may have slow drainage.

Residents are being urged to use caution, and not enter roadways where water is deep.

Outages were reported in Avalon, Nutana, Adelaide/Churchill and Holliston Tuesday Afternoon.

This street in the Avalon neighbourhood of Saskatoon was completely submerged. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC News)
A car is flooded on 8th Street near The Colonial. (Submitted by Deirdre Statham)
The aftermath of a patio set in the Brevoort Park area after the storm. (Submitted by Hugh Donald Alexander Fraser)

Warman cleans up after Monday storm

In Warman, about 20 kilometres north of the city, residents are still cleaning up debris from a wild storm that tore through the area Monday night.

Debris is strewn over an alleyway after Monday night's storm in Warman, Sask. (Dan Zakreski/CBC News)

Tree branches were strewn across alleyways and hail from the previous night's storms could still be seen in some gardens.