STARS air ambulance makes precautionary landing at Saskatoon airport

A STARS air ambulance made a precautionary landing at the Saskatoon airport this week after pilots reported a 'thud' in flight, and the aircraft began vibrating.

Helicopter ambulance suffered damaged rotor blade

Paramedics say the crash happened around 5:15 p.m. on Highway 22X at Range Road 285 (CBC)

A STARS air ambulance had to make a precautionary landing at the Saskatoon airport this week, after pilots reported a possible bird strike.

According to a Transport Canada report, the helicopter was about 50 kilometres from the city, returning from a cancelled emergency call on Tuesday, when the flight crew heard a thud.

After that happened, the crew started feeling a small vibration in the aircraft.

The pilots could not confirm if they had struck a bird or something else had happened, but decided to make a precautionary landing at Saskatoon International Airport.

After landing, one of the main rotor blades was found to be damaged. 

No emergency was declared, and pilots didn't have any problem controlling the helicopter.

STARS' maintenance crews and the manufacturer of the helicopter are now investigating the incident.

In August, an Air Canada jet hit several birds as it was landing in Saskatoon.