Easy to get your wildlife fix in Saskatoon

Meewasin Valley senior interpreter Kenton Lysak gives tips for spotting animals in the city along the Meewasin Trail.

Meewasin Trail a great place to spot critters

A western meadowlark. (Kurt Kirchmeier)

There's plenty of opportunity to spot wildlife along the Meewasin Trail, according to Kenton Lysak, a senior interpreter with the Meewasin Valley Authority. 

During an interview with CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski, Lysak talked about some of the favourites he keeps his eyes peeled for. 

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"Meadowlarks are back," he said. "When you hear their song, you can not beat it. It's one of the most beautiful songs on the Meewasin trail," said Lysak.

During a recent walk on the trail, Lysak had a close encounter with another, more imposing member of the bird family.

"I had  a pelican that was flying right over me," said Lysak. "[It had] a huge wing span. You could hear it coming a mile away."

However, bird songs aren't the only pleasing sounds Lysak has encountered on the Meewasin Trail

Timing important

"I heard this chorus of wood frogs that were chirping at one another constantly. It's one of my favourite sounds," said Lysak.

For anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of a more elusive animal, such as a  beaver, Lysak said timing is everything.

"You gotta go out either early morning or you gotta go late in the evening." .