Paddock Wood and Broadway Threatre launch special beer to mark 33 years of Saskatoon Soaps

A special Hefeweizen (wheat beer) brewed exclusively for the Broadway Theatre debuts for the audience taking in the Saskatoon Soaps Horror Story: Spooky House Edition.

Paddock Wood chalked up special wheat beer sold exclusively at the Broadway Theatre

The Saskatoon Soaps improv comedy troop are celebrating its 33rd year performing at the Broadway Threatre. (Saskatoon Soaps/Facebook)

After 33 years why not make a beer?

Asking the question is basically all it took for Saskatoon's longest running improv comedy troop to team up with the Broadway Theater and Paddock Wood Brewing to deliver a special brew for the Saskatoon Soaps season.

'Soap Suds' is launching tonight at the Broadway Theatre. It is a special Hefeweizen (wheat beer) brewed exclusively for the theatre debuts for the audience taking in the Saskatoon Soaps Horror Story: Spooky House Edition.

Soaps troop member Andrew McDonald said he's proud to see how quickly the partnerships were formed and how quickly everything came together for the promotion.

"We were thinking of ways to celebrate this 33 year and it kind of got us to thinking, wouldn't it be kind of great to commemorate this year with a beer," McDonald said.

After sipping on the first keg of Soap Suds, McDonald knew right away this was going to be a hit.

"We wanted something lighter to fit with the Soaps being on the lighter side of life. We thought a lighter, refreshing beer is what we wanted and Paddock Wood nailed it," he said. "It's fantastic and we're really excited to share it with everybody."

On the flipside, the Soaps is also taking an opportunity to give back to the province for supporting their improv troop for more than three decades. That's why 50 per cent of the beer sales from Soap Suds will go to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

A new beer created by community partners and proudly served exclusively at the Broadway Theatre. 50 per cent of sales from Soap Suds is going to the Saskatchewan Cancer agency. It's available starting Friday night Oct 28. (Saskatoon Soaps/Facebook)

Now the special brew is only available at the Broadway Theatre during shows, concerts and select movies, but with a jam-packed schedule, there's plenty opportunities to stop in and try a pint. Soap Suds will be flowing from now through to June and the end of the Soaps' season.

The theatre's executive and artistic director Kirby Wirchenko said he's thrilled to team up with Paddock Wood, one of Saskatoon's first microbreweries, and the Soaps, who have been loyal in keeping their shows at the Broadway Theatre.

"So it was an easy decision to team up with them on this. It was very easy to say yes too," he said.

Soap Suds sells for $6 per pint.

Wirchenko said he expects wheat beer lovers will be pleasantly surprised with Soap Suds.

"I'm a fan of it. At the end of the day, it's about what feels good and the wheat beer makes sense to Paddock Wood because it draws on our agricultural roots in the province and I think it's going to go over great."