Love is in the air: Snowbirds' captain proposes marriage in mid-flight

A member of the iconic Snowbirds flying team based in Moose Jaw, Sask., is flying high after his marriage proposal was accepted.

Proposal happened during 1st show of the year for Snowbirds in Moose Jaw, Sask.

Greg Hume-Powell proposed to his girlfriend while the Snowbirds captain was soaring over Moose Jaw, Sask. (Canadian Forces)

A member of the iconic Snowbirds flying team based in Moose Jaw, Sask., is flying high after his proposal was accepted.

On Friday, Captain Greg Hume-Powell asked his girlfriend to marry him, while he was soaring over the prairie city. 

"She always told me that if I proposed to her during an air show she'd say no," said Hume-Powell. "I wasn't afraid of her saying no. So luckily she said yes and it was a happy ending to a happy story."

Hume-Powell's girlfriend Emily Simpson was standing with her family. She was caught off-guard by the mid-air proposal.

"As soon as he said, 'Emily Simpson, I hope you're listening.' I thought oh crap," Simpson said. "It was actually pretty special because my family was there as well. I don't think he could have planned it any better."

While the proposal was made in the air, Simpson had to wait for Hume-Powell to land before she could get her engagement ring.

Snowbirds' captain proposes marriage in mid-flight

5 years ago
Snowbirds' captain proposes marriage in mid-flight 0:58

The proposal happened during the Snowbirds' first air show of the year. It was also Hume-Powell's first-ever show with the squadron.

"I just read off a piece of paper that I had written and luckily the radios didn't break-up and I was able to deliver a semi-flawless proposal during our heart maneuver," Hume-Powell said.

Greg Hume-Powell surprised girlfriend Emily Simpson with his mid-air marriage proposal. (Credit: Emily Simpson)

The couple have not set a date but Simpson says it will be in a year during the Snowbirds off-season, between October and February.

I don't think he could have planned it any better.- Emily Simpson

Hume-Powell and his fellow pilots now head out to perform nine shows over the next five weeks. In all, they will perform 37 shows this year.

The Snowbirds are the Canadian Forces' military aerobatics squadron. Based in Moose Jaw, the team regularly travels across the country showing off its skills.

About 80 people work with the squadron full time.

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