Sister of man killed in Saskatoon alley says family waiting for answers

A Saskatoon family is mourning the loss of 27-year-old Kenny Balan, who died after he was found injured in an alley near his mom’s house on Friday.

Tasha Balan-Cooke says her brother Kenny was stabbed in the stomach Friday

Kenny Balan was found injured in a Saskatoon alley on Friday. His sister, Tasha Balan-Cooke, says he wasn't found soon enough to save his life. (Tasha Ballan-Cooke/Facebook)

A Saskatoon family is mourning the loss of 27-year-old Kenny Balan, who died after he was found injured in an alley near his mom's house last week.

Police announced Friday a man had been found with life-threatening injuries in the back alley of the 1400 block of 20th Street, but did not disclose how he was injured.

Tasha Balan-Cooke says that man was her brother Kenny and that he had been stabbed in the stomach.

"It's really hard to believe, I mean I just spoke with him hours before and most of my family was with him prior to it happening," she said.

"It's still really hard to believe and everybody is kind of in shock."  

'Two seconds away from home'

Balan-Cooke said she drove to her mom's house after hearing from another relative that something was wrong.

She saw police tape blocking the alley near where her mother lives.

"He was like two seconds away from home," said Balan-Cooke.

She said the family was told he was stabbed in the stomach area but he did not receive immediate medical attention because he was not found for some time.

Balan-Cooke said it was too late to save his life by the time he was taken to St. Paul's Hospital.

She said she spoke to him just hours before he was found.

"He seemed happy, we were going to get together soon," said Balan-Cooke.

Family waiting for answers

She said she doesn't know of any reason why someone might want to hurt her brother, adding that she wasn't aware of him having any affiliations with dangerous people.

Balan-Cooke said her brother worked as a painter, in construction and did kitchen work at city bars.

He was also passionate about sports and he loved to cook and spend time with friends and family.

"He was a really good guy, super funny, super caring, always there for everybody," said Balan-Cooke.

"Always was respectful, never disrespected anybody so it's really, really, really hard."

The Saskatoon Police Service said investigators from the Major Crime Unit will release more information as it becomes available.