Court documents show RCMP believe Sheree Fertuck of Kenaston murdered by husband

RCMP say documents in a family law office are evidence that Greg Fertuck murdered his wife Sheree, missing since Dec. 7.

RCMP request file from Saskatoon law office

Sheree Fertuck, 51, was last seen leaving her family's farm east of Kenaston on Dec. 7. (RCMP)

RCMP believe that Greg Fertuck murdered his wife Sheree –– and that the proof is in a family law file at a Saskatoon lawyer's office.

But Greg Fertuck's lawyer says he's been charged with nothing.

"It's an allegation by a police officer," said Morris Bodnar.

RCMP Investigators don't mince words in the order to access the family law documents.

Corporal Jeremy Anderson wrote in the Jan. 19, 2016 order, "I have reasonable grounds to believe and do believe that: Greg Mitchell Fertuck, born September 25, 1953 at or near Kenaston, Saskatchewan  did commit murder on the person of Sheree Fertuck."

The RCMP document is part of a larger court package. Sheree Fertuck went missing on Dec. 7. At a news conference in April, attended by Sheree Fertuck's mother, RCMP said they believed that the 51-year-old was dead.

RCMP put together this timeline for an April news conference. (CBC)

Since she went missing, her adult children applied to gain control of her assets and affairs.

In an affidavit, her son Lucas said the RCMP suspect his father of killing his mother.

"The RCMP are currently investigating Gregory M. Fertuck, who is her spouse and against whom she has an outstanding divorce, child support and property application, for murdering her," he wrote.

RCMP refused to comment on Monday, saying the documents are part of an ongoing investigation.