Saskatoon woman reponds to ad asking for 'babes' posted by Yukigassen Team Canada

The Kijiji ad posted by the professional snowball fighting team asking for "babes" has gone viral on social media, garnering hundreds of comments.

'Please inquire with a recent photo or we won’t have time to follow up with you,' the ad reads

A Kijiji ad looking for ‘babes’ associated with a professional snowball fighting team has gone viral on social media. (Kijiji)

An online ad looking for "babes" associated with a professional snowball fighting team made up of Saskatchewan players has gone viral on social media.

The ad, titled "Babes needed for filming with Yukigassen Team Canada," was posted to Kijiji back in January. But over the weekend, it made its rounds reposted to Facebook, garnering hundreds of comments.

The ad reads, "Beautiful women needed for episodes of our web series Yukigassen —Road to Glory… Please inquire with a recent photo or we won't have time to follow up with you."

An ad posted to Kijiji by a member of Yukigassen Team Canada asks for 'beautiful women' to 'inquire with a recent photo.' (Kijiji)

"Being 2016, our generation [should] know better than to place an ad like this" said Saskatoon woman, Courtney Hundseth, during an interview with Leisha Grebinski on CBC's Saskatoon Morning. "It was just very degrading to women and just basically saying, 'If you're not up to our standards, we don't have time for you.' So I just thought it was in bad taste to be posted."

Hundseth said she felt saddened and quite disappointed after seeing the ad circulating on Facebook.
"I’m really saddened and quite disappointed in it," says Saskatoon woman Courtney Hundseth. (Courtney Hundseth)

"A lot of women were very against it for good reason but I found it really troubling that the mass majority of people that were siding with this team were actually male," said Hundseth.

She said too many males commented on how the women on the thread were overreacting.

"And they were all just trying to say that it was a feminist issue when actually, in reality, it's not. It's a human rights issue," said Hundseth.

The ad has since been taken down following an apology sent out by one of the snowball fighting team members.

"Hey everyone, I'm very sorry," wrote David Thomson on a Facebook thread. "I made this ad. It doesn't reflect the views of Team Canada Yukigassen and it was wrong of me. I'm ashamed for myself and sorry for anyone it has offended."

One of the Yukigassen Team Canada members, David Thomson, issued an apology on Facebook. (Facebook)