Anonymous tip leads to arrest in Saskatoon of woman on the run more than a year

The getaway driver for a Prince Albert manslaughter, who disappeared after an appeal failed, has been arrested.

Tasia Natewayes never turned herself in after rejected appeal to Supreme Court

Tasia Natewayes has been on the run after being found guilty of being an accessory to manslaughter. (Prince Albert Police Service)

The getaway driver for a group convicted of a Prince Albert manslaughter has been arrested after more than a year on the run.

Saskatoon police arrested Tasia Natewayes on Saturday after receiving an anonymous tip. Police spokeswoman Alyson Edwards did not provide details on where the arrest happened but said Natewayes faces no further charges at this time.

If the media is calling, what are we doing? And it just re-lights the fire a little bit.- Jon Bergen, Inspector with Prince Albert police
The arrest happened one day after CBC reported that Natewayes had been unlawfully at large with a warrant for her arrest since a failed Supreme Court appeal in January of 2017. Natewayes had sought to overturn her Court of Appeals conviction in relation to her role as the driver for a group of males who beat and killed 18-year-old Dakota Nayneecassum in a Prince Albert home in 2012. 
Dakota Nayneecassum, 18, was killed in 2012 and Tasia Natewayes was the getaway driver for his killers. (Dakota Nayneecassum/Facebook)

Prince Albert police 'excited' by arrest

Prince Albert police Inspector Jon Bergen said he appreciated the media staying on the case, "and holding us accountable."

"If the media is calling, what are we doing? And it just re-lights the fire a little bit," he said.

"We were pretty excited and …. the Crown prosecutors, I guess they were pretty ecstatic too because they're sitting waiting for it to be dealt with as well, you know they have a sentence that they're waiting for her to serve," Bergen said.

The five males who committed the fatal beating received sentences ranging from two years, five months for a youth up to 12 years. Natewayes had spent time serving her sentence in a healing lodge prior to receiving interim release pending her appeal, and failed to turn herself in after the appeal failed.

Police said she has been transported to Prince Albert and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.