Child pornographer Russell Wolfe pleads guilty to filming sexual assaults

Child pornographer Russell Wolfe has pleaded guilty to filming sexual assaults on girls from Saskatoon's inner city.

Case involves 10 girls from inner city

Russell Wolfe filmed his sexual assaults. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Child pornographer Russell Wolfe has pleaded guilty to filming sexual assaults he committed on young girls from Saskatoon's inner city.

The charges span a decade and involve 10 victims.

The 56-year-old came to Court of Queen's Bench facing more than 50 charges. He pleaded guilty to a 20-count indictment Monday morning.

​Police first came across Wolfe during a national child pornography investigation in the spring of 2014. They discovered material on his computer that led to the child pornography allegations.

Wolfe disputed the findings, which cannot be detailed because of a publication ban.

What can be reported is that 10 girls were named as victims, who investigators say were sexually assaulted on video by Wolfe.