Saskatoon wife killer David Woods appeals conviction

Convicted killer David Woods is appealing his life sentence for murdering his wife Dorothy.

Woods was given life sentence for killing wife Dorothy

Convicted killer David Woods wants a new trial.

A jury in Saskatoon decided on May 15 that Woods had, in fact, murdered his wife Dorothy in November of 2011. Woods filed his appeal papers with the province's Court of Appeal on Friday.

Four grounds listed

Woods lists four grounds for appeal.

  • The decision is contrary to the law, and the evidence.
  • The judge should not have admitted text messages from Dorothy's cell phone.
  • The judge should not have admitted statements that Dorothy made to a close friend.
  • The judge favoured the prosecution when he gave his charge to the jury.

Woods is requesting a new trial, again with a judge and jury.

David Woods was charged with first-degree murder after his wife's body was discovered in a culvert near Blackstrap Lake in January, 2012. She had been bludgeoned and strangled and then wrapped in a plastic tarp.

She had gone missing that November.