Don't pour grease down the drain, City of Saskatoon says

The City of Saskatoon wants people to think twice before pouring bacon grease and other oily substances down the sink.

City puts out reminder as part of Canada Water Week

As part of Canada Water Week, the City of Saskatoon is reminding citizens not to put bacon grease and other oily materials down the drain. (Tim Graham)

The City of Saskatoon wants people to think twice before pouring bacon grease down the sink.

In honour of Canada Water Week (March 21-27), the city is launching an awareness campaign to make people think carefully about what they pour down the drain. 

"When fats, oil, grease, and cleaning/sanitary products go down the drain, they clog pipes, create odours and can cause sewer backups," said Saskatoon water plant manager Tim Bushman.

"On average, the city responds to approximately 100 sewer main blockages per year due to grease and over 3,500 home blockages which are due to roots, grease and wipes flushed down the line. Approximately 20 per cent of that total is due to grease/personal hygiene and cleaning products."

The city is also asking drivers to be careful about what they pour into storm sewers — especially motor oil or other chemicals. All storm sewer pipes lead directly to the river and are not treated.

The City of Saskatoon has added a Water Week Question of the Day section on the City's Facebook page. Participants will get the chance to win a $25 gift card that can be used at city leisure centres.


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