Snow day fun, cleanup continues after snowstorm in Saskatoon

Snowplows and Bobcats were busy Monday as Saskatoon dug itself out after a snowstorm.

City of Saskatoon received between six and 15 cm of snow

A Saskatoon driver passed this person dog sledding on the snowy streets of Montgomery Place Monday evening. (Submitted by Jessica Leith)

Snowplows and Bobcats were busy Monday as Saskatoon dug itself out after a heavy snowstorm over the weekend.

While the official Environment and Climate Change Canada station at the Saskatoon airport only registered six centimetres of snow Sunday night, volunteer stations had reported up to 15 centimetres.

"It seems like there's a good range across the city," said lead weather forecaster Brad Vrolijk. "That fits generally with 10 to 20 centimetres all the way from the U.S. border northwards to Saskatoon."

Snow-clearing machines, shovels and Bobcats were a common sight in Saskatoon Monday as residents cleaned up after a big dump of snow overnight. (Bridget Yard/CBC News)

The City of Saskatoon warned that road conditions could be treacherous. On Sunday, crews were working on high-priority roads like Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive before working on lower-priority streets.

Outside of the city, travel was not recommended on many highways surrounding Saskatoon, including sections of Highway 16 and Highway 11.

A third wave of snow is expected later Monday afternoon and into the night as a weather system moves through South Dakota, which will eventually make its way into eastern Saskatchewan, near the Manitoba border.

"In Saskatoon, you'll probably just get grazed by the snow," said Vrolijk. "It's not going to be a full on blast like it will be to the east."
Young Ari and her family jumped at the chance to go sledding after the early March storm. (Bridget Yard/CBC News)

James Taylor and his friends took some time off from shovelling to take the kids sledding.

"The snow pile at home is getting higher and higher. Getting pretty sick of it — definitely done with shovelling," said Taylor, laughing, on the way to the hill.

James Taylor and his friends took the kids sledding. (Bridget Yard/CBC News)

The storm is expected to pass by Tuesday.