German tour a dream come true for Saskatoon musician Ellen Froese

Saskatoon’s Ellen Froese is doing something she has always dreamed of: the folk singer is touring Germany.

New album by Ellen Froese and the Hot Toddies out Nov. 1

Ellen Froese says she loves working as a musician. “I'm just trying to not put stress stress or pressure on myself otherwise I'm worried I'll stop enjoying it,” she told Saskatchewan Weekend. (Ellen Froese/Facebook)

Saskatoon's Ellen Froese is doing something she has always dreamed of: the folk singer is touring Germany.

Saskatchewan Weekend spoke to Froese on the line from Hanover, Germany. She said she's been dreaming about a European tour since she started playing music.

"You just have to take a little step back and be like, this is really cool," she said. 

Her new album is coming out Nov. 1 but you can listen to the single now; it's called "Eaton's Spring & Summer 1975."

On this album, she's playing with the back-up band the Hot Toddies, made up of Saskatoon musicians Matt Joyal from Classy Chassys, Dylan Cooper from Von Jumbo and Emmett Fortosky from Minivandal.

German audiences will get the album a bit earlier as she's selling the new CD on her tour. They'll likely enjoy the creative lyrics, which Froese said were inspired by the idea of the Eaton's covergirl stepping off the cover and coming to life in her bedroom.

"These German audiences are so attentive," Froese said. "It's almost a little bit scary; they listen to every single word…. It's nice knowing that someone's listening that closely but also, the pressure's on because also I've noticed that they tend to be really honest about their opinions."

Despite admitting to not liking the networking side of the music business, Froese has been finding success ever since her first gigs in 2014.

Her advice for young people getting into the music business? Be friendly.

"It's the nice people who end up getting places," she said. "If you're a mean person, it's just going to be hard because no one's going to want to work with you and I think it's as simple as that…. It's really just about knowing people and being kind."

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