Saskatoon's 33rd Street celebrates its new BID designation

Saskatoon’s newest Business Improvement District (BID) includes both sides of 33rd Street from Alberta Avenue to Avenue G.

33rd Street the newest area of city to get Business Improvement District (BID) status

Shop The Hood is a Yellow Pages campaign throughout Canada that encourages consumers to shop locally on November 29. (Courtesy of The Yellow Pages)

Today, local businesses across Canada are drawing people out into the community and onto their sales' floors through discounted products as a part of the Shop The Neighbourhood campaign.

In Saskatoon, there are several events happening with shopping deals spreading from Riversdale to Broadway, Sutherland and Downtown. 

Other businesses around the province are sharing their sales through Twitter, using hashtags like #shopthehood.

Nicola Tabb owns Better Off Duds on 33rd Street. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC)

Business owners on 33rd Street are using the community-based shopping spree to celebrate their newly-granted status as a Business Improvement District (BID).

33rd Street joins other successful BIDs like Riversdale and Broadway.

"While we didn't take part in Black Friday, we sure are taking part in #shopthehood Small Business Saturday!" wrote Nicola Tabb on Instagram. Tabb owns 33rd Street vintage store, Better Off Duds, and represents the 33rd Street BID Organizing Committee.

"The 33rd St. BID is too new to have officially registered for the event but please join us in the shop," Tabb wrote.

A BID is an area of a city in which commercial and industrial property owners and tenants work together to improve the neighbourhood and make it more vibrant and attractive to consumers. Initiatives undertaken by Saskatoon BIDs in the past include public art projects, community events like street fairs and general maintenance.

"We'd really like to maintain and enhance our sort of small town feel that we have on 33rd street and we'd really like to make it more pedestrian friendly," said Tabb. 

In a press release the city stated "over the past two years, a group of dedicated business owners on 33rd Street have worked toward organizing a BID, which is made up of a variety of unique businesses such as restaurants, shops, services, and a major grocery store."

“The creation of a BID benefits not only the 33rd Street commercial district, but the city overall,” said Alan Wallace, Director of the City of Saskatoon Planning and Development Division.  “The success of other BIDs in Saskatoon has directly resulted in thriving, attractive areas where residents and visitors alike can come to work, shop, and play.  The 33rd Street BID will certainly create the same positive impact for their commercial area.”

The 33rd Street BID will begin operations in 2015.

Saskatoon's 33rd Street celebrates its new BID designation

8 years ago
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Nicola Tabb, owner of Better Off Duds, discusses 33rd Street getting status as a Business Improvement District.