Saskatoon group raising money for orphans, sick children in Ukraine

Stream of Hopes has sent more than 2.5 tonnes of aid to the eastern European country.

Stream of Hopes has sent more than 2.5 tonnes of aid

Nadiyka is one of the Ukrainian children being helped by Stream of Hopes. (Stream of Hopes)

When Rostyk Hursky came across a story of an ill Ukrainian girl whose family was told by doctors to "write her off," he set on a mission.

The Saskatoon man was horrified by the girl's medical predicament, but she was living in a small Ukrainian village.

So, Hursky and his wife, originally from Ukraine, reached out to charities in the country to raise money for the young girl.

Soon after, the couple founded Stream of Hopes, an organization that has managed to send more than 2.5  tonnes of aid to the country, directed at helping orphans and sick children.

Hursky said amidst Ukraine's political turmoil, "orphans have sort have been forgotten."

Rostyk Hursky says it's important to raise money for Ukrainian orphans and sick children. (CBC News)

"We're trying to take it on ourselves, as Ukrainians outside Ukraine," he said.

Saskatoon's strong Ukrainian roots has made raising money much easier, Hursky added.

Hursky said many children in Ukraine are sent overseas for complicated medical procedures. Right now, the group is trying to raise $200,000 to send a young girl to Turkey for a bone marrow transplant.

"I think when you talk about sick kids and kids who are poor and disadvantaged, it doesn't matter what culture you are," he said. "When you see kids suffer, it's that much deeper for everyone."

The group said it's currently helping 3,000 children.