Saskatoon libraries offer 'blind dates' with books for Valentine's Day

To mark Valentine's Day, the Saskatoon Public Library is giving its patrons a chance to take a book on a "blind date."

Patrons can check out books without knowing what's inside

Theressa Slind is Adult Collections Librarian at Frances Morrison Central Library. (Josh Lynn/CBC)

In honour of Valentine's Day, Saskatoon Public Library is offering patrons a chance to head out on a "blind date" with a book.

Displays have been set up at branches allowing brave readers to meet mysterious literary strangers.

"What we do is wrap up books in interesting wrapping paper so you can't tell what title of the book is," explained Theressa Slind, adult collections librarian at Frances Morrison Central Library.

"They also have a description of the book, just dropping a few hints on the book itself," said Slind.

There are advantages to choosing books over humans when it comes to blind dates, according to Slind.

"It costs you nothing, you won't lose anything, and if you don't like your date you can just set it down and there's no repercussions, no awkward conversations."

Blind Date with a Book will run at city library branches through Feb. 14.