Saskatoon homeowner makes explosive find while digging in backyard

A Saskatoon homeowner found what seems to be an old explosive in their backyard Wednesday evening.

Military removed device 'with a shovel and a bucket,' says neighbour

A homeowner on this block stumbled across an old explosive while digging in their backyard. (Heather Loughran/CBC)

A backyard dig in Saskatoon featured a potentially explosive twist.

Saskatoon police called in bomb experts from Canadian Forces Dundurn Thursday to deal with a device unearthed by a homeowner in the Sutherland neighbourhood.

The homeowner stumbled across an old explosive while digging in their backyard Wednesday around 6:30 p.m. CST on the 100 block of 109th St. W, police said in a news release.

Troy Glasgow lives two doors down. He said police kept a cruiser posted at the house overnight and then closed off the street Thursday.

Glasgow said there didn't seem to be any sense of urgency to the find.

"The army just went back there with a shovel and a bucket and took it away and off they went. All they would tell us anyway was a mortar was found," he said.

"The army seemed pretty comfortable going back there without any protection at all."

Police checked out other homes in the neighbourhood and did not find any other devices.

Traffic restrictions have been lifted.