Saskatoon police stop traffic to escort family of ducklings to the river

Traffic in downtown Saskatoon was as a standstill for a few minutes on Thursday, after police stopped cars and made way for a family of ducklings to reach the river.

Police stopped traffic downtown, escorting a family of ducks to the river

Saskatoon police escort a family of ducks to the river.

7 years ago
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Saskatoon police halted traffic downtown making way for a family of ducks to cross the street from the Sturdy Stone Building over to the South Saskatchewan River.

Downtown traffic stood still for a few adorable moments in Saskatoon on Thursday, as police escorted a family of ducks to the South Saskatchewan River.

While on patrol, the Saskatoon police bike unit discovered nearly a dozen ducklings just outside the Sturdy Stone Building on the corner of 22nd Street and Third Avenue.

Officers came out to stop traffic and escort the young family three blocks until it reached the river.

Ducklings hop off the sidewalk onto the street with the help of a police escort. (Don Somers/CBC)
Police officers on bikes helped the family cross the road. (Don Somers/CBC)
Officers with the Saskatoon Police Service escort a family of ducks in the city's downtown. (Don Somers/CBC)
A family of ducks crosses the street in Saskatoon. (Don Somers/CBC)
The Saskatoon police bike unit escorts a family of ducks a few blocks through the city's downtown to the South Saskatchewan River on May 12, 2016. (Don Somers/CBC)
The family of ducks made it across the street safely. (Don Somers/CBC)