Saskatoon opens outdoor fitness circuit on riverbank

The city's first outdoor adult fitness circuit is open for exercisers on the riverbank near River Landing.

16 stations near River Landing

A gym with a view. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

The city's first outdoor fitness circuit is open for exercisers.

It's located just west of River Landing, near Victoria Park, and features 16 workout stations and is free for anyone to use.

Mary Lou Balkwill was cycling by Friday morning and couldn't resist taking a break from her cardio workout to try one of the rowing machines.

"I think this is really, really a great idea for the city on this great path with a wonderful view of the river right here," she said.

"We've driven by here a few times and it's actually been very appealing from the path here so, yeah, we picked a good day to come by."

The stations, which overlook the river, include rowing machines, a cardio walker and elliptical machines, leg and chest presses and an agility track.