A 4th contender joins Saskatoon's race for mayor

Kelley Moore has announced she wants to become Saskatoon’s next mayor on Oct. 26. Moore is an urban and regional planner in addition to being a business owner.

Kelley Moore joins Charlie Clark, Don Atchison and Henry Dayday

Kelley Moore announced her intention to run for mayor of Saskatoon in the Oct. 26 election. (Francois Biber/CBC)

A fourth candidate has emerged in Saskatoon's civic election this fall.

On Monday, Kelley Moore announced she's seeking to become Saskatoon's next mayor on Oct. 26. Moore is an urban and regional planner in addition to being a business owner.

Moore told CBC News she's been on the sidelines for the past six months waiting to see who's coming forward for the fall election.

"I do think we need new leadership but I think we need some diversity in the debate. I'm not seeing anyone else come forward and I've been getting a lot of encouragement to put my name forward so I decided to take the leap," Moore said.

She sees herself running at the right time, hopefully leading the charge for an electorate tired of the status quo.

"Saskatoon is ready for a change. I think what you see with the current candidate and the current mayor going forward for a fifth term, he's on as status-quo mandate and I think people aren't satisfied with status quo," she said. "We have record debts, we're still the number one place for crime and that's not a positive."

Looking at the impact candidate Tom Wolf had on the 2012 election, losing by only 3,404 votes to Atchison, Moore said she's hoping to use that momentum to her advantage.

"Four years has passed. That's a long time and another generation has finished high school and now in the workforce so I think there is movement. I'm building off that movement in this campaign."

On her campaign website Moore outlines her priorities which include addressing the city's root causes of crime: poverty, poor housing, lack of employment and marginalization.

With files from CBC's Devin Heroux