Saskatoon lottery winner gives back to community

Don Worme, a prominent Saskatoon lawyer who won $14 million in the lottery, is using the winnings to give back.

Don Worme, a prominent Saskatoon lawyer, won $14M

Rheana Worme, the daughter of a prominent lawyer and lottery winner, is helping run the newly formed foundation. (CBC)

A Saskatchewan family who won millions in a lottery last year is sharing the wealth.

Don Worme, a prominent Saskatoon lawyer, won $14 million in a Lotto 6/49 draw.

He and his family have decided to set up a foundation aimed at giving back to aboriginal communities. 

The foundation's mandate is to help people participate in cultural, academic and sports activities. 

"It just goes in line with our culture and supporting one another, being there for other members of our community, for our family, our extended family," said Rheana Worme, Don's daughter, who is helping run the foundation. 

The foundation recently donated $20,000 to the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company.  

The family is still deciding how much money it will donate every year.