Saskatoon LGBT nightclub unveils 2nd-largest Pride flag in world

Saskatoon's Divas Nightclub wants the city to know how full of pride it is.

Flag measures just under 1,000 square feet, rolled out for Saskatoon Pride's 25th anniversary

An almost 1,000 square foot Pride flag flies above the skies of Saskatoon. (Jennifer Geens/CBC)

A Saskatoon LGBT nightclub wants the city to know how full of pride it is.

On Tuesday night, Divas Nightclub owner Aaron Paetsch helped set up a massive rainbow Pride flag in the city's downtown. With an area of around 90 square metres — just under 1,000 square feet — Paetsch said it's the second-largest pride flag in the world.

"It's Pride's 25th anniversary in Saskatoon, so we just wanted to do something big," he said.

It took three volunteers more than an hour to hoist the flag, which weighs more than 13 kilograms.

However, Paetsch said celebrating Saskatoon Pride's landmark anniversary made the whole enterprise worthwhile. 

"It's huge, to have support that grows every year," he said. "It's phenomenal."

Paetsch had the flag custom-made for the event. He said the only Pride flag that's larger is in South Africa.

The nightclub is also one of the oldest running gay bars in the country, originally opening 37 years ago.

Saskatoon Pride runs from June 9-25.