Jubilee Ford Sales in Saskatoon fined $35K for workplace accident

Jubilee Ford Sales in Saskatoon was fined $35,000 today after pleading guilty in connection to an accident that injured a worker in January.

Worker hurt trying to repair overhead door on detailing shop

The dealership is paying a $35,000 fine. (Facebook)

Jubilee Ford Sales in Saskatoon is paying a $35,000 fine after pleading guilty to an incident in January that injured a worker.

The company pleaded guilty to a single count in Saskatoon provincial court.

In essence, the company ordered a worker to do a job that he was not qualified to perform.

The 40-year-old was hit in the arm by a spring that came loose from an overhead door at the company's detailing shop. The force was such that it produced crush fractures and multiple lacerations.

Court heard how that the same door had malfunctioned a month earlier. At that time, Jubilee hired an overhead door company to fix it.

When it broke again in January, it enlisted one of its workers to try and do the repairs.

The man has since returned to work.