Saskatoon hockey fans Hab'ing a good time

Saskatoon fans of the Montreal Canadiens take their love for the team to the limit at their clubhouse.

Rink in the city has a hidden meeting spot for Montreal Canadiens fans.

Fans glued to the screen in the Western Canadian Montreal Canadiens Fans clubhouse for Game 6 Monday. (CBC)

It was a good night for Montreal Canadiens fans. The Habs tied up the series with the Boston Bruins.
Many across the country celebrated as the only Canadian team still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup lived to fight another day.

In Saskatoon there was one crowd in red glued to the tv, palms all sweaty. Harold Latrace Arena is an oasis on the prairies for Habs fans. It's the clubhouse for the Western Canadian Montreal Canadiens Fan Club.
The room is decked out like the Habs dressing room at the Montreal Forum.

The club has been meeting here for more than two decades.  
Fans celebrate a 4-0 victory by the Montreal Canadiens Monday night in Saskatoon. (CBC)
It's a tradition that's been passed down through the generations in Jim Taman's family. He's the club president. 

"My grandfather gave me my Montreal Canadiens jersey," Taman says pointing to his prized garment. "It's a family kind of thing, and you end up becoming a Hab fan. The tradition of the organization."

It's not all about game day. While the club meets regularly to cheer on its favourite team, the club also gives back. In more than 20 years the fan club has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Right now, fans are focused squarely on the task at hand. The club is making plans for Wednesday's game. Hopes are high. "It's anybody's series," exclaims Taman. "You get to a game seven, it comes down to one game, everybody plays hard."