Saskatoon Hells Angels suing Leonard Banga and Xtreme Mining

Three Saskatoon Hells Angels are suing the local mining company owner who fired them.

Company owner defends decision to fire three local bikers

Hells Angels outside Saskatoon. (CBC)

    A battle between the Saskatoon Hells Angels and a local mining company owner is now unfolding on two fronts.

    Or, more precisely, in two court cases.

Leonard Banga (CBC)
Three bikers fired by Leonard
Banga are suing him for wrongful dismissal in Court of Queen's Bench.

    Meanwhile, a fourth Angel will stand trial this fall in the same courthouse. Jesse Bitz is charged with threatening to kill Banga. He had been fired after he was caught sleeping on the job.

    This triggered Banga to review his recruitment and hiring policies. That led to Banga requiring all employees to declare whether they were a member of a criminal organization.   

We will not tolerate death threats, violence, organized crime or individuals and employees bringing restricted firearms to the work site.'- Leonard Banga

    Dean Bell, Larry Booth and Scott Fedorwick claimed damages based on "defamatory statements, wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, intentional interference with economic relations and inducing breach of contract." 

  In December, three bikers fired by Banga sent a letter threatening to sue him.

   They've now followed through on that threat.

  Banga told CBC that he fired the bikers for cause and that his internal investigation revealed one of the bikers had a firearm in the workplace.

    He says his company won't tolerate death threats, violence, organized crime or guns at work.

    None of the claims have been proven in court.