Saskatoon garbage truck 'malfunction' destroys trash bin

A video posted online shows the lifting arm on a City of Saskatoon garbage truck destroying a garbage bin.

Video shows haywire arm crushing bin in back alley

Security camera footage posted to YouTube by Crayon324 shows a garbage truck crushing a bin. The City of Saskatoon said the arm malfunctioned 0:45

Security camera footage posted online captures the final, doomed moments of a trash bin.

In the video, a City of Saskatoon garbage truck's lifting arm clenches up after emptying a trash bin. Then, with two successive blows, the arm squishes the bin as easily as one might crush a pop can. 

The clip, depicting the mechanized carnage, was posted on YouTube by user Crayon324.

Pat Hyde, director of Public Works for the city, said his department is checking out the truck and that soaring temperatures may have played a role.

"We're doing an investigation to see what mechanical issues may have occurred. It was a very hot day on Friday and the hydraulics on those systems can overheat ," Hyde said. "As well it was a fairly new operator." 

A City of Saskatoon tweet describes the incident involving the arm as a "malfunction."

According to Hyde, the luckless trash container has already been replaced.


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