Saskatoon First Nations elder prays for children in foster care

First Nations elder Walter Linklater called on the spirit of Evander Daniels, a 22-month-old who died in foster care, to intercede for all children in foster care.

Pipe ceremony at White Buffalo Lodge

Chris Martell, father of Evander Daniels, shakes hands with First Nations elder Walter Linklater at a pipe ceremony. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Saskatoon First Nation elder Walter Linklater called on the spirit of Evander Daniels to help other children in foster care.

Daniels died when he was 22-months-old while in foster care.

"I'm asking Evander in the spirit world to intercede for all other foster children on earth," he said.

Linklater made the request during a pipe ceremony outside the White Buffalo Youth Lodge. About two dozen people gathered in a circle to pray and share their stories.

Among them was Chris Martell – the father of Evander Daniels.

He said the pipe ceremony is special.

"It brings everybody together in a peaceful ceremony for everybody to come for some healing and some prayers," he said.

"Let everyone in the community share their pain."

Linklater also prayed for the forest fire victims in the north, the First Nations and Metis children "scooped" by the government in the 1960s, and all foster parents.


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