Saskatoon fashion designer takes part in massive London anti-Trump rally

It's an experience Helen Oro says she will never forget.

Designer Helen Oro was in city for London Fashion Week

Fashion designer Helen Oro (centre, 2nd from left) surrounded by photographers at an anti-Donald Trump rally in London. (Helen Oro/Facebook)

It's an experience Helen Oro says she will never forget.

On Monday night, the Saskatoon-based fashion designer ended up participating in a massive rally at London's Buckingham Palace. Thousands of protestors were speaking out against a proposed visit to the U.K. from U.S. President Donald Trump.

"I'm sure [the president] hears and sees what goes on in the world with all the protests," she wrote in a Facebook message from London. "[He] is causing a huge uproar over here."

However, Oro didn't come to the U.K. to protest Trump.

The Pelican Lake First Nation designer was in the city for London Fashion Week. This year, a delegation of Indigenous fashion designers and models travelled to the U.K. to show off their designs and gain exposure.

Initially, the group didn't even know the anti-Trump rally was being held. Oro had travelled to the palace to take pictures in support of the Standing Rock First Nation's fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"Next thing you know we meet a couple with some 'Dump Trump' signs and they asked if they could take our pictures with them," she said. "After taking pics and talking with people, we made our way down towards Big Ben, not knowing there was a protest going on. Some of us found signs and we walked right into the crowd towards the front."

Soon enough, the group was noticed by the press.

"The next minute [we're] swarmed by paparazzi," she said. "[One of the models] was still dressed in her regalia and looked so proud and beautiful representing our First Nations people here in Canada. We thought, 'Wow, this is so important for us to spread the word of what's happening with the DAPL.'"

Oro said the experience was incredible.

"Honestly, it was one of the most overwhelming experiences I've ever experienced," she said. "It was very emotional for us. I mean, we woke up not knowing how our day was going to look and then had this experience."

Oro is expected to return home on Wednesday.