Here's the official list of 38 candidates in the 2020 Saskatoon election

38 people will compete for 11 city council seats in the Nov. 9 election.

38 people will compete for 11 city council seats in the Nov. 9 election

A polling station in Holliston neighbourhood opens after a massive snow dump in Saskatoon. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Thirty-eight people will compete for 11 city council seats in the 2020 Saskatoon municipal election, according to the list of candidates who filed nomination papers by the Wednesday deadline. 

The list could change, if someone decides to withdraw their papers. Candidates have until Thursday at 4 p.m. CST to do that.

Voters go to the polls on Nov. 9.

Here's the list of candidates, ward by ward.

Click here for the full electoral boundaries map. 

Mayoral race

Ward 1

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 2

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 3

(City of Saskatoon)

Devyn Gregoire, who announced his candidacy in June, dropped out of the race on August 19 and endorsed Sackville. 

Ward 4

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 5

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 6

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 7

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 8

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 9

(City of Saskatoon)

Ward 10

(City of Saskatoon)


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