City Park Barber Shop turns 85 years old

Since the barber shop opened its doors in 1933, the only major change the shop saw was its shift from the front to the back of the building.

Shop on Princess Street opened its doors in 1933

A photo of the original owner of City Park Barber Shop still hangs on the walls of the establishment. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

During a weekday afternoon, a steady stream of clients walk in and out of Jodie Thompson's Saskatoon barber shop.

She's the current owner of the City Park Barber Shop, an establishment that turned 85 years old this year. 

"It's amazing to have a business that's still up and running under the same name [and] same address for that long," said Thompson, who took ownership of the space less than a year ago.

Thompson said before she invested in the community-based business, she tried her hand working at a more trendy barber shop chain store but left after only seven months in.

That's when she came across the local establishment located near the heart of the city.

"I remembered as a little girl seeing a barber shop here on the corner all the time."

Rochelle Lemaigre and Jodie Thompson are part of an all female staff at the barber shop. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

She said since the original owner — whose photo still hangs on the walls of the shop — opened the barber shop in 1933, the only change that has been made is the shop's shift to the back of the building.

Besides that, she still services many regular clients who have come in for decades.

"I've got dads that are now grandpas, and their kids and their grandkids are coming."

Thompson added that thanks to her recruitment of barber Rochelle Lemaigre, for the first time in 85 years the shop will now offer straight razor hot shaves.

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