Saskatoon attempting to break world record for snowball fight

Yukigassen Team Canada captain Nathan Thoen says he hopes for 6,000 people to throw a snowball on Jan.31. The current record is held by Seattle, WA with 5,834 people.

Record currently held by Seattle, WA is 5,834 people

Yukigassen Team Canada captain Nathan Thoen says the snowball record should be in Saskatoon. (Matthew Garand/CBC)

A group in Saskatoon is encouraging everyone from the community to throw a snowball to help break a world record.

On the final day of the WinterShines festival, Jan.31, judges from Guinness World Records will be watching closely to see if Saskatoon will take the title for the world's largest snowball fight.

 We definitely know what winter is about, and we know what snow is about, so I think this record belongs right here in Saskatoon.- Nathan Thoen , captain of  Yukigassen Team Canada

The feat was conceived by members of Yukigassen Team Canada.

Yukigassen is professional snowball fighting and the team, made up of Saskatchewan players, are heading to Japan in February to compete in the world competition.

"While we were doing that… we figured, heck, why not beat a world record too," team captain Nathan Thoen said.

The current record is held by Seattle, WA, with snowballs thrown by 5,834 people.

"We thought 'does Seattle even get snow?' Here we are in the Great White North and Seattle is holding that world record," Thoen said. "I just thought, well Saskatoon has got a lot of passionate people and we definitely know what winter is about, and we know what snow is about, so I think this record belongs right here in Saskatoon."

Thoen said it's been a lot of behind-the-scenes effort including applying to Guinness World Records and getting permits from the City of Saskatoon, but it's all coming together for a giant turnout.

"Technically, all we need is 5,835 people to win this record," he said. "But in the Saskatoon spirit, I feel like we may as well blow this thing out of the water. Six-thousand people that would be, in my opinion, an awesome, awesome turnout to win this world record."

The attempt will be held along the South Saskatchewan River in Victoria Park at 3 p.m. CST. There will be entertainment and games. Thoen said the outer area will be for children and families, but in the centre the snowball fight is open to more competition, where people will be required to wear snow goggles.

"It's just all about fun times, we are going to have a blast," he said.

For more information visit the website or Facebook Page.

Team Canada is also making a web series about their experience at the world championships.


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