Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre changes name to 'Indigenous'

A long-standing First Nations cultural centre has changed its name.

Centre offers language and cultural education programming

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre. (SICC)

A long-standing First Nations cultural centre has changed its name.

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC) is now known as the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre.

"This organization was founded on the idea that language is a central part of our identity," said Belinda Daniels, SICC interim president in a news release. "By abandoning the word Indian we take an important symbolic step away from the colonial legacy and toward a more accurate and appropriate self-conception."

The centre changed its name in order to, "have terminology that is historically correct and appropriate for today's social environment."

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre hosts the annual Language Keepers Conference in Saskatoon. (SICC)

Earlier this year, the formerly-known Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) changed its name to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

"The new name affirms the fact that the spirit and intent of the Treaties is more valid than the written text," said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. "Our ancestors signed those agreements as 'Indians' with the Imperial Crown of England. Though we continue to move beyond the misnomer, and the Crown's obligation now rests with Canada, the Treaty relationship continues as our ancestors intended."

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre was founded in 1972, and provides cultural programming to people across the province.