4 Saskatchewan communities under states of emergency

The towns of Carrot River, Arborfield, the rural municipality of Arborfield and Shoal Lake First Nation are currently under states of emergency.

350 claims filed with provincial disaster assistance program

Sandbags hold back the rain water in Arborfield, Sask. (Matthew Garand/CBC)

Four Saskatchewan communities are currently under states of emergency.

The towns of Carrot River, Arborfield, the rural municipality of Arborfield and, most recently, Shoal Lake First Nation have all been impacted by heavy rainfall and flooding. 

"Their infrastructure is not threatened, but access in and out of those communities is simply because of the water moving through their rivers and streams," said Duane McKay, executive director of the province's emergency management branch.

Burntout Brook, near Arborfield, is one waterway seeing high levels flow through. It peaked at a record high of 65 cubic metres per second — described as the highest in a 200 year stretch. 

"We anticipate that will move through. Highways will inspect the roads and make sure the access is safe," McKay said.

Provincial officials are optimistic that weather conditions are improving, but they're warning any more rain could still create issues.

With the ground already saturated, thunderstorms that could pop up later in the week hold the potential for more flooding.

So far, about three dozen people across the province have registered for emergency social services.

Claims filed with the provincial disaster assistance program have risen to 350. That number is expected to rise significantly in the coming days.