Sask. voter turnout of 71.7% beats national average

More than 570,000 registered voters in Saskatchewan went to the polls in the 2019 federal election, according to Elections Canada.

Numbers down slightly in province from 2015

Saskatchewan had higher voter turnout than the national average in Monday's election. (Liny Lamberink/CBC)

More than 570,000 registered voters in Saskatchewan went to the polls in the 2019 federal election, according to Elections Canada.

That means roughly 71.7 per cent of eligible voters across the province turned out at the ballot box this year, besting the national average of 66 per cent.

Despite the higher than average turnout, it was a small decline from the 2015 election, when roughly 72.1 per cent of eligible voters filled out a ballot.

In the 2011 election, only 66 per cent of the population turned out to vote in Saskatchewan.

Across the province, the riding of Souris-Moose Mountain saw the highest turnout rate at 77.3 per cent, followed by Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek at 76.6 per cent. 

As with the 2015 election, Saskatoon saw a higher percentage of people turn out to the polls than Regina, with two Saskatoon ridings boasting turnout rates of more than 75 per cent.

Here's how individual ridings fared across Saskatchewan:

Souris-Moose Mountain

  • 77.3 per cent.
  • 40,180 of 51,957 registered electors.

Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek

  • 76.6 per cent.
  • 44,217 of 57,601 registered electors.

Cypress Hills-Grasslands

  • 75.9 per cent.
  • 38,048 of 50,111 registered electors.


  • 75.7 per cent.
  • 46,372 of 61,224 registered electors.


  • 75.5 per cent.
  • 48,466 of 64,150 registered electors.


  • 74.3 per cent.
  • 44,767 of 59,907 registered electors.


  • 74.1 per cent.
  • 50,772 of 68,435 registered electors.

Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan

  • 73.4 per cent.
  • 43,273 of 58,886 registered electors.


  • 71.7 per cent.
  • 37,850 of 52,768 registered electors.


  • 68.9 per cent.
  • 35,189 of 51,033 registered electors.


  • 68.8 per cent.
  • 38,057 of 55,280 registered electors.

Prince Albert

  • 68.5 per cent.
  • 39,201 of 57,200 registered electors.


  • 62.7 per cent.
  • 38,189 of 60,887 registered electors.

Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River

  • 56.3 per cent.
  • 25,924 of 45,977 registered electors.


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