Direct cuts at administration, not students: Sask. Teachers' Federation

Teachers across the province are nervously waiting for this week's provincial budget.

Teachers worried any upcoming budget cuts will affect students

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation says it's concerned about the upcoming provincial budget. (iStock)

Teachers across the province are nervously waiting for this week's provincial budget.

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation expects the budget will come with hard financial targets, which could mean cuts within classrooms.

"Everyone is aware that the provincial government is experiencing tough economic times and that this year's budget will be difficult for all including education," said STF President Patrick Maze in a news release.

"Teachers respect the government's responsibility to make tough decisions under these circumstances but not at the cost of cutting services and supports for students."

It's expected the provincial budget will contain numerous cuts to services across most provincial ministries. The province is trying to whittle down a $1.2-billion deficit, and spending cuts are very likely.

Teachers are asking any cuts to education be directed at head offices rather than class sizes.

"There are many options for the government to pursue in conjunction with fiscal restraint targets including how and where they are applied in the sector," he said.

"Teachers expect that the government and school divisions share their commitment to students by seeking out administrative savings first and keeping money and resources in classrooms."

On Monday, Premier Brad Wall told reporters the budget would be balanced in three years.

The province is also looking at reforming the province's public school board system. Details are expected to be released with the budget on Wednesday.