Whispers to Santa Claus: Old St. Nick tells all

Not sure what to get your child for Christmas? You might want to ask Santa. He's been hearing lots of wishes as kids stop by to see him at Lawson Heights Mall.

Santa says his little visitors share a variety of stories with him during their trips to Lawson Heights Mall

Santa Claus paid a morning visit to the CBC in Saskatoon to talk about the 'interesting little people' he sees this time of year. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)

As the weekend approaches, it's crunch time for jolly old St. Nick.

Perched on his Christmas throne, Santa Claus has been hearing a plethora of wishes as kids stop by to see him at Saskatoon's Lawson Heights Mall.

"They're not trying to give away their brother or anything, but they're always interesting little people. They've always got some stories to tell you," Santa told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

He said his little visitors share a variety of stories with him, and he hears everything from baby gargles to requests in other languages.

"I get all nationalities. I had two kids the other day from Aleppo," he added. 

But the stories are not always happy ones.

"There's one little fellow the other day that wanted his dad home for Christmas and they don't know where he is," explained Santa.

As for gift requests, he said the most memorable one this year comes from an aspiring chef.

"A little guy, about five years old, gave me a picture of an egg beater."

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With files from CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning