Remai Modern brings artists out of gallery, into communities

A program offered at the Remai Modern is helping members of the community build their passion with the arts one visit at a time.

Program at the gallery has artists making visits around the city

An artist from the Remai Modern makes a visit to Central Haven Special Care Home once per month. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

A program at the Remai Modern Art Gallery has artists touring around Saskatoon to get people engaged with prints, paints and pastels.

"We try a bit to focus on the process of making art and not as much the finished product," said Laurel Boerma, program guide in the learning and engagement department at the Remai Modern. 

Boerma, who specializes in art therapy, said her department partners with various group homes, community centres, and hospitals around the city to offer art sessions.

One of her stops includes Central Haven Special Care Home.

Chesley Anderson, resident at Central Haven Special Care Home, takes part in an art session facilitated by an artist from the Remai Modern. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

"I'm seeing my father being actively engaged in a passion of his, which is art," said Alice Neufeld, whose father Chesley Anderson has been a resident at the care home since October.

"He's had a very difficult time and this is wonderful to see him having fun and experiencing this and interacting with other people."

Neufeld said her father has been active in the Saskatoon art scene throughout his life but had stopped creating since he had fallen ill and had to make a transition from his own home to assisted living.

"So now, seeing him back doing some art is wonderful," she said.


Victoria Dinh

CBC Saskatoon reporter

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