Record number of candidates in Saskatchewan's election

There are 268 candidates representing 6 political parties, breaking a record from 1982.

268 candidates are representing 6 political parties

Regina Northeast voters head to the polls on September 12. (Elections Saskatchewan)

When Saskatchewan residents head to the polls on April 4 they will be able to choose from a record number of candidates.

The deadline for submitting nomination papers was Saturday at 2 p.m. CST. Elections Saskatchewan said there are 268 candidates, representing six registered political parties.

"An individual placing their name on the ballot is an important act of public participation that deserves our respect," said Michael Boda, chief electoral officer of Saskatchewan, in a press release.

"While only 61 individuals will be elected Members of the Legislative Assembly, the record number of candidates participating in this election is a clear indicator of the health of democracy in our province."

There are 77 more candidates than there were in the 2011 election. The previous record was from 1982, when 250 candidates ran.