Quinn Stevenson Memorial Scholarship awarded for the first time

Quinn Stevenson died last summer in a Saskatoon car crash, shortly after graduating from Centennial Collegiate. His parents have created a legacy scholarship in his name.

Award commemorating teen given away at Centennial Collegiate Wednesday night

Quinn Stevenson died in a car crash in 2013, shortly after he graduated from Centennial Collegiate in Saskatoon. (Google sites: Quinn Stevenson)

Bonny and Craig Stevenson presented the Quinn Stevenson Memorial Scholarship, named after their son, for the first time Wednesday night at Saskatoon's Centennial Collegiate.

Quinn Stevenson was killed in a car crash last summer shortly after he graduated from Centennial. During his time there he was involved in sports and spent much of his time as a leader of the school's student council.

He was always somebody to look up to,- Ilaria Zuzak

His parents said they decided to create the scholarship so his memory would live on.

Mrs. Stevenson said recipients of the $1,500 award will be chosen based on how much they have given back to their community because volunteerism was important to her son.

"He was always a good kid, he was always very focused, very driven. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and he was going out to get it," she said.

The teen was planning to study broadcast journalism before his life was cut short.

Now, the award commemorating Quinn has been given to Ilaria Zuzak, an avid dancer and member of the high school's student council.

Ilaria Zuzak is the first recipient of the Quinn Stevenson award, created by the deceased teen's parents, Craig and Bonny. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

"He was always somebody to look up to, so, I would never be able to say I was like him, just because I looked up to him. I know the whole school did too," Zuzak explained.

Zuzak plans to use the scholarship to study Geology in university next fall.