Scott Moe, Doug Ford praise Manitoba's defiance of federal carbon tax

Scott Moe and Ontario premier Ford meeting to discuss their common opposition to federally-enforced tax.

Scott Moe and Ford meeting to discuss their common opposition to federally-enforced tax

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, left, and Ontario Premier Doug Ford met in Saskatoon Thursday. (Don Somers/CBC)

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is in Saskatchewan Thursday to meet with Premier Scott Moe, his ally in the fight against a federally-enforced carbon tax.

Both leaders applauded news of a third partner in their alliance.

"We welcome Manitoba to this fight," said Moe, Ford at his side, at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Moe was referring to Manitoba's recent decision to defy the federal government's carbon-pricing strategy and abandon the carbon tax.

Moe also revealed that Saskatchewan has applied to be an intervenor in Ontario's court appeal of the federal carbon tax. 

"I can ask for no better partner and no better friend than Scott Moe," said Ford, adding he was "very grateful" for Saskatchewan's show of support.

Saskatchewan has also taken to the courts to oppose a carbon tax. Moe said the federal government should delay imposing its carbon tax framework on the province until after the court appeal is heard. 

Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was also in Saskatoon Thursday.

He said the federal government is "very anxious to work co-operatively" with Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan on a plan that's strong for both the economy and the environment.

"We are open to conversation and dialogue all the time," Goodale said.

The two premiers also held a roundtable with Saskatchewan-based businesses from the mining, agriculture, transportation and construction industries.

According to the province of Saskatchewan, more than $12 billion in goods and services flow between the two provinces every year.

Moe said opposing the carbon tax is about is about protecting the "significant trade relationship" between the provinces.