Power meter on Saskatoon house catches fire

Fire breaks out in a power meter at 414 Forsyth Way

Saskpower says the meter was not a smart meter

A SaskPower crew responded to a report of a fire in a power meter in Saskatoon Friday. (CBC)

A SaskPower worker tends to a power meter in Saskatoon. (CBC)
A Saskatoon man is reeling after a close call at his home Friday night.

A fire broke out in a power meter at 414 Forsyth Way at around 6 p.m.

The homeowner, Myles Loeffler, was in the house when it happened.

He says he shut off the main power and called the fire department.

"We had a sudden, large flash of light. Came out didn't know what was going on. Didn't know if it was an air conditioner or what it was," Loeffler said.

"And then suddenly there was more sparks and light a a lot of smoke coming out."

The power meter was not a smart meter, which are known to sometimes ignite.

Saskpower says over time other meters can shift because of cold and heat which can cause wires to fray and create sparks.

There was no damage to the house.