Police target Hells Angels puppet club Fallen Saints in Saskatoon raids

Sweeping police raids in Saskatoon on Wednesday targeted the Fallen Saints, a motorcycle club accused of selling drugs for the Hells Angels.

At least three suspects facing drug, proceeds of crime charges

The club came to Saskatoon in 2013. (Facebook)

The sweeping police raids in Saskatoon and Warman targeted members of a Hells Angels affiliate club called the Fallen Saints, CBC News has learned.

Police are not saying much about their strategy but, in a coordinated series of actions, they raided the Hells Angels clubhouse in Saskatoon and a handful of homes in the city, Warman and Alberta.

Morris Bodnar is the Hells Angel lawyer in Saskatoon. He said that one full patch member was arrested – and a second man who is not a club member.

That man is a self-identified member of the Fallen Saints. CBC confirmed that two other suspects arrested are also members of the Fallen Saints.That club came to Saskatoon in September, 2013.  Police are expected to reveal that upwards of a dozen suspects were arrested Wednesday.

Drug and proceeds of crime charges

Police at the Hells Angels clubhouse. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)
One of the Fallen Saints is charged with possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, having the proceeds of crime and being a member of a criminal organization.

The police action Wednesday mirrors a similar police operation in Manitoba in 2009.

In that case, members of the Manitoba organized crime unit and integrated drug squads arrested more than 30 members of a Hells Angels puppet club in that province.

The members of the Zig Zag crew sold drugs for the Hells Angels, and had close ties with the motorcycle club, the investigation revealed.

A year of methamphetamine, bad coke and lethal fake oxycontin

​Last year, Saskatoon police said the drug trade in Saskatoon was a major concern.

Chief Clive Weighill said that crystal methamphetamine was threatening lives and behind significant property and violent crime in the city.

At least ten people were sent to hospital a week before Christmas after taking tainted cocaine and ecstasy.

And, three people have died since September after taking fake Oxycontin. The drug that killed them had been cut with a powerful narcotic. 


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