Saskatoon police penalize driver $755 for 'Grade 5 arts and crafts level' permit forgery

Saskatoon police gave a driver a hefty fine after he allegedly forged a $20 temporary driving permit.

Driver had cut and pasted new expiration date onto temporary permit

Saskatoon police have fined a driver $755 for allegedly forging the date on a temporary permit. (Submitted by Saskatoon Police Service)

A shoddy attempt at forgery left Saskatoon police shaking their heads last week.

It started when a Saskatoon traffic cop pulled over a driver for speeding. The officer noticed the vehicle had a 24-hour temporary permit taped in its window instead of a licence plate.

Then the officer noticed something was off. The driver had apparently cut out a new date and taped it on to the permit.

"You can see the outer ridges of where the portion with the date was actually cut out. And it's not pasted on there quite level," said Staff Sgt. Patrick Barbar.

"It's not a great forgery."

Normally, drivers use the permits to temporarily drive a newly purchased vehicle or to move a car that isn't typically on the road.

Barbar said he is baffled why anyone would put in a significant amount of effort to save the $20 it would have cost to obtain a legitimate one-day permit.

"For the time it took to make that, I'm sure that was worth at least $20 dollars of a person's time," he said.  

"It's definitely at least at a Grade 5 arts and crafts level. I'll give you that."

Barbar said the driver was fined $580 for driving an unregistered vehicle and $175 for altering the licence. Barbar also noted that anyone who gets into an accident who isn't insured with SGI would be on the hook for any damages to other vehicles in case of a crash.