Police detail days after Dorothy Woods reported missing

The first degree murder trial of David Woods continues in Saskatoon today.

David Woods is accused of killing his 45-year-old wife

David Woods arrives at court on April 29 in Saskatoon. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Major crimes investigators got involved in the disappearance of Dorothy Woods days after she was last seen at her east-side Saskatoon home.

Poster for Dorothy Woods (CBC)
Sgt. David Hudson ran the police investigation into her disappearance and he testified this morning at the first degree murder trial of David Woods.

Dorothy was last seen alive November 11, 2011. Four days later, police received three missing person reports — from her husband, David Woods; Dorothy's brother, Lawrence Carter; and Dorothy's friend, Sandra Lukowich.

At the same time, they also received a complaint that a person was sending disturbing, racial texts to a man named Derrick Brown. The number identified the sender as "Dot."

Police later learned that the phone belonged to Dorothy.

Jurors heard a recording of David Woods reporting his wife missing. He said on the recording that "she's been lying and cheating on me for quite a while ... I think she's just run off."

Jurors also heard how, in February, 2011, an "emergency intervention order" was issued against David Woods and he was removed from the family home for one month.

Follow along below for the latest news in this case as CBC's Dan Zakreski tweets live from court: