Police conduct raids across Sask. and Alta.

Police in Saskatoon confirm they are now involved in an on-going investigation and that searches are being conducted at various locations in the city.

Targets include Hells Angels in Saskatoon

Police in Saskatoon confirm they are now involved in an on-going investigation and that searches are being conducted at various locations in the city.

Police are asking people to respect police barriers and stress there is no risk to public safety.

The investigation is not restricted to Saskatoon.  Police are also working the case in Warman, other parts of the province and in Alberta.

Video of the raid in Warman. 

In a news release, police suggested that no other details would be released, and that it may be tomorrow before they are able to shed some light on the operation.

The RCMP is also involved in this investigation.

It’s unknown exactly where police are searching. 

Patrol cars are, however, set up outside the Hells Angels clubhouse in Saskatoon. CBC News also spotted police officers searching a home in the 100 block of Rajput Way in the Evergreen neighbourhood.
RCMP outside house on Guenther Cres. in Warman. (David Shield/CBC)

Lawyer for Hells Angels speaks

Morris Bodnar is the lawyer for the Saskatoon chapter of the Hells Angels. He said that he's still waiting to see the police search warrant documents to find out exactly why the clubhouse was raided.

"We want to know what happened when they went into the clubhouse," he said.

Bodnar did not know whether the raids to homes in Saskatoon and Warman are connected to the action at the clubhouse.

"No one's contacted me to tell me their residences are being searched."

Raid in Warman

People on a quiet crescent in the City of Warman, just outside of Saskatoon, said they're shocked at what happened.

At around 7:30 a.m. this morning, police, some wearing camouflage clothing ,raided a house on Guenther Crescent.

Neighbours said three people were taken away by police. They said the duplex is a rental property and the people living there had been there for the past two months.

​Eljun Delaraga lives next door, and was woken up by a friend calling him, telling him to look outside. He got out his iPhone and started shooting a video.

"The cops said, 'Surrender,' and there was a naked guy that came out, and the police apprehended him," said Delaraga.

Another neighbour, Nicole Pelletier, said SWAT trucks had blocked off the street and police hiding behind cars surrounded the property.

"Camo pants, big guns, vests, like what you would see in a movie," Pelletier said. "That's kind of what it was, like a movie."

Pelletier said the neighbourhood is very quiet and is very surprised this happened on her street.

"Definitely scared," Pelletier said. "I do have a baby, so it was a little bit scary."

Earlier this morning, Warman Fire and Rescue issued an alert on social media urging the public to let police do their investigations and obey barricades and detours. All roads have since been opened.

More to follow. 


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